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In my other life I am a video editor for Big Water Studios.

I have chosen a new composition and subject to take me into the winter months this fall.

It’s the Tahoe City view of the western shoreline looking south.

I’ve been fascinated by the shoreline for years. Especially driving by Commons beach the view to the South is stunning. The only problem is the best view point is from the centerline of hwy. 89. I don’t think they would appreciate my setting up my easel in the middle of the road.

This fall I found the lower deck of Christy Hill is a good vantage point. I watched how it changed from late summer’s dusty greens to the vibrant crisp fall foliage.

It has all the classic features that defines West Shore Tahoe. The peaks of Rubicon, Tallac and the succession of tree covered fingers all the way down to Mckenny Rubicon.

The distinct points that mark each bay, each community down the West Shore. Tahoe Park, Hurricane, Homewood, McKenny Rubicon.

Perfect for artistic exploration and guiding the new direction my work is taking these days. The constant internal battles I fight with keeping a loose contemporary style while staying true to the landscape, and the vibrant foliage against the vast greyed blue of Tahoe’s horizon .

Striving to capture the Lake’s essence and beauty while honoring my path, my journey as an artist.

Plein Air

In the beginning I painted from photographs.

It helped with the composition and proportion of the piece but left me guessing on Value, depth and light. 

Then I discovered “Plein Air”

Plein Air means just that "In plain air".

Settling in - James Harold Gallery, Tahoe City

What a surprise. I love the new work space. People wander in and out and I find it not a distraction at all. People want to talk about art!  I'm really enjoying the contact with Art Lovers.

This winter I went back to one of my favorite spots. The Aspens on the beach in Carnelian Bay

Sentinel - The headwaters of the Truckee River

Session #1 & #2

This painting is a commission for a friend of mine. It’s for her office. She wanted a Lake vista with lots of color that filled the wall above her desk.I chose the headwaters just above the dam of the Truckee River. I felt that it followed her journey of moving her Tahoe City office to Truckee. Just a little bit of symbolism.  A 9 X16 Plein Air sketch that  I did last year is the inspiration. I loved the lavender that I used throughout the work. It’s a spring work. There’s always bright new greens, crisp yellows and vibrant blues in the spring.Today I will lay in the distant mountains, sky and water. Place some color for the foreground and work on the final composition. 

Session #3 & #4

In the beginning of laying out the foreground I am searching for a pleasing composition. I struggle with it for quite awhile. I change the river’s edge and flow maybe a dozen times. I leave it for now dissatisfied. I’ll have to let this one stew for a few days.

I come back after a few days. While sitting at my computer at work I have a vision of how I want the river’s edge to go. I jot the thumbnail sketch down on a pink post-it that I stick in the frame of the plein air sketch.  With the edge in place I can get to work on the lupins and rocks that define the riverbank.

Now I’m excited. Sentinel is taking shape, the painting is well on it’s way to completion.

Session #5

I'm almost there. I finish the trees. Fill in the lavender lupins and the small yellow wildflowers that grow on the edge of the Truckee River’s bank.

Dab of color here, shadow there.

I hang Sentinel to dry.

My New Blank Canvas Project is Twelve Trees

This vista of these aspens in Carnelian Bay I return to paint every season. Spring Summer Fall and now winter.

The ridge line of the South Shore mountains against the setting sky and the way the light dances off these trees fascinates me.

This grouping of these aspens on the beach in Carnelian Bay I return to paint every season. Spring Summer Fall and now winter.

The ridge line of the South Shore mountains against the setting sky and the way the light dances off these trees fascinates me.

Sky and Water

 In this session I will work on covering the canvas with paint. I Begin laying down big blocks of color, searching for the correct values and complementing hues.  I am looking for the drama of the scene. This is a stormy winter evening, just before sunset as the last of the winter sun hits the trees and and lights up the foreboding sky.

 In the winter the light is crisp and cool. The Sunsets are explosions of color. Each evening a study in contrast.  Values Light vs Dark, color warm vs cold hues.  

  Here is where I lay down the muscle and meat of the piece. The structure and strength needed to move the work to completion.

Light and Depth

Today it’s all about the Aspens. These twelve trees are the focal point of the painting. They will require great detail being true to the structure of the trees, their relationship with, the pond,the lake, the distant turbulent sky and the last light of the day.

To finish off the session I add a bit more to the landscape to balance out the composition

Final Strokes

I go in for the last time on this painting. I play with the light. Adding strokes of shadows, darks and the last touches of bright highlight. As I near completion the strokes get quick but the distances in between grows. 

There is no rule for when it’s done. You dab here and there and something inside says, “enough, I am finished” A painting is never finished, it’s the artist’s vision, energy and light that has run it’s course and is ready for a new adventure.

Twelve Trees Winter Light 30 X 48 Oil on Canvas


Grey Bay Yellow Boat

I'm on a new adventure. I have move my large works and easel into the James Harold Gallery, Bootworks -Tahoe City. It was a big move for me, lots of scary.

 I am having so much fun. I'm loving the visibility, enjoying the people, thriving in the new space. It is such a change. A Good change. I'm almost done with this one and I'm already preparing an even larger canvas for the next. Thanks Hal!

I have just moved into The James Harold Gallery in Tahoe City. I will be the Arstist in residence for the next few months. This was a big move for me. There is something about moving my easel and paints out of my studio. I am facing some big changes in my life.

"It's Official" Trina Gold is now represented by James Harold Galleries. Hal and I finished hanging my work today. i was able to get some painting in too. Great day!

It was a short session. More Grey

My first piece finished in the new work space.James Harold Galleries, Bootworks - Tahoe City. It seems the good ones are effortless. I am very proud of this piece. My vision was clear and the work went so quickly despite all the distractions. Now the hard part. The title.

Lately I've been having fun with a GoPro


Today I finished a large piece that I have been working on since July in the studio. For kicks and giggles I've been recording the process. It took me 7 sessions. Below are videos 1-7 of the process.

Announcement for The Autumn Food and Wine Show at Northstar Resort, Lake Tahoe



Lake Forrest Beach, one mile north of Tahoe City, has a Fourth of July display of Lupins that never disappoint. I spent the morning and went back for an evening perspective.

Fallen Leaf Lake is on of my favorite places to spend the day.