Blue & Gold

Blue and Gold

I have chosen a new composition and subject to take me into the winter months this fall.


It’s the Tahoe City view of the western shoreline looking south.


I’ve been fascinated by the shoreline for years. Especially driving by Commons beach the view to the South is stunning. The only problem is the best view point is from the centerline of hwy. 89. I don’t think they would appreciate my setting up my easel in the middle of the road.


This fall I found the lower deck of Christy Hill is a good vantage point. I watched how it changed from late summer’s dusty greens to the vibrant crisp fall foliage.

It has all the classic features that defines West Shore Tahoe. The peaks of Rubicon, Tallac and the succession of tree covered fingers all the way down to Mckenny Rubicon.

The distinct points that mark each bay, each community down the West Shore. Tahoe Park, Hurricane, Homewood, McKenny Rubicon.


Perfect for artistic exploration and guiding the new direction my work is taking these days. The constant internal battles I fight with keeping a loose contemporary style while staying true to the landscape, and the vibrant foliage against the vast greyed blue of Tahoe’s horizon .


Striving to capture the Lake’s essence and beauty while honoring my path, my journey as an artist. 

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